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Exchange Recovery Clinic's representatives are engineers who can assist you with your Microsoft Exchange Server questions and can provide you with information on the best course to take, which
in turn will help you resolve your situation in a timely manner.
You can also be transferred to a sales representative who can assist you in getting the Exchange recovery evaluation process started.

Remote recovery of your exchange database
Exchange server databases are very complex. Exchange data recovery is a very difficult task to perform.
By proprietary means we are able to recover the mailboxes located in the IS database files from just about any kind of "Jet Engine Error"any kind of "Read Verification Error", database corruption, over sized files or any kind of problem with the IS files in general.

Just because another company may say that your mailboxes are not recoverable, or you have lost data, does not mean that it is impossible to get your mailboxes back. Exchange Recovery Clinic has the ability even if your .edb and .stm files are missing or corrupt to retreive your mailboxes using your log files. If you have corrupt log files, we still can retrieve mailboxes from the remaining log files If your Exchange server database will not load,do not attempt to run any utility program in order to repair the priv.edb, priv1.edb , pub1.edb and pub.edb Information Store files. Eseutil,Isinteg and other utilities can delete valuable data.

Do not attempt to restore from a backup. If there are uncommitted log files, information will be lost. Exchange Recovery Clinic offers Exchange Server support and Exchange Server Recovery support.

Exchange Recovery Clinic can recover your email-boxes that are in your Exchange Server database file or repair the database file itself.

Some of the errors that may occur,if your Exchange server database files are damaged are the following:
* Jet error- 4294966781* Specific error code 528 1276,550,614* Dirty Shutdown
* Inconsistent file state * Write errors * Deleted mail boxes * Corrupted header information * Duplicate Keys (Identifiers)

Exchange Recovery Clinic can recover your mailboxes from just about every kind of Jet error such as: "JET_errRecordNotFound, the key was not found" ,"Jet_errRecordDeleted".

If you are experiencing any of these errors with your Microsoft Exchange Server,or can not mount the information store then you need Exchange server data recovery! You should call an Exchange data recovery specialist right away! Call Now at 800-275-2823 or email Exchange Recovery Clinic

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