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Exchange Server Jet Error 4294966781

XADM: Information Store Suddenly Stops and Generates the Server Specific Error "4294966781"
The information in this article applies to Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5


This article was previously published under Q262375
The information store stops, and the following server-specific error message appears:
Error 2140. Internal Windows NT error.
The following Event ID is then generated in the Windows NT Event Viewer Application log:
Event ID: 7024
Source: MSExchangeIS
The Microsoft Exchange Information Store stopped with Service Specific Error 4294966781.

Third-party antivirus software performs a scan on the Exchange server itself. While performing this scan, the antivirus software sees the log files located in the Exchsrvr\Mdbdata directories as a virus-infected document.

It then removes the log file and either place it in a quarantine folder or recycle bin. This depends on the configuration of the antivirus software. After this happens, the logs are out of sequence and the service stops. This causes inconsistencies in the databases.

Server Specific Error 4294966781 equates to JET_errInvalidLogSequence. The log files are out of sequence.


Ensure to exclude all of the Exchsrvr directories from being scanned by third-party antivirus software.

To work around this issue, restore your system from the last-known, functional backup. If such a backup is unavailable, then your only other option may be to call an Exchange Server Recovery specialist.

Call: 800-275-2823 or fill out a quote form


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