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Microsoft SharePoint Portal Recovery



Exchange Recovery Clinic has an extensive experiense in recoverying Microsoft SharePoint Portal databases! since SharePoint Portal is relatively new, not many companies and engineers can say the same, recovery of SharePoint Portal is specialized....

The Portal database WSS.MDB Stores all your documents, spreedsheets, pictures and any other files you have put in. We can also remove files from offline database files with out the server.

If you have needs for Share Point Portal and need expert advice, service or maintenance - call us.
Our expert team can help you get up and running if your just starting to use Microsoft Share Point Portal, or improve your performance and reliability to your existing database Share Point Portal as with any database needs regular maintenance and tuning to keep it running smooth and trouble free.

Is your SharePoint database down? At this time we are the only company that has the capability to recover the content out of your Share Point Portal database.
Documents, XLS Spreadsheets, Pictures, it doesn’t matter. We can recover it and keep the subdirectory structure intact in standard file format, put it to CD, DVD or back on a hard drive for you to just plug it with the shortest amount of down time possible.

Exchange Recovery Clinic was the one of the first to do low level repair and recovery of Exchange server information stores and once again is the leading the way into the Recovery and Restoration of Data held in SharePoint Portal.

Call for a confidential and free evaluation on any problem you may have with your SharePoint Portal that requirs repair.
Call us at 800-275-2823 or at 727-642-5521 (24/7)

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