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1003 0xFFFFFC15 JET_errInvalidParameter Invalid API parameter 4294966293

Application: Exchange Server Versions 2000 and 2003.


There are a few things that need to be considered in order to understand this particular Jet error code.

1. Understanding when this error message occurs.

Normally this error occurs when attempting to perform a soft recovery on any of the IS database files. This error message generally means that there are missing or corrupt log files. Also, the header information of the e000000.log or e00.log may be corrupt as well.

2. What steps should you take after you receive this message?

First of all you would want to back up all .edb and .stm files and all .log files before trying anything else. If you are not an Exchange Server expert you should not try any type of repair, soft or hard restore of the database files. If you do have a good backup, then you would want to restore from that backup. Generally speaking, when there are corrupt log files present, or log files that are missing, there is not any easy fix to get your Exchange Server Site back up and running with previous configuration.

3. What is the Bottom line?

If there is a good backup present, you should restore it. If you do not have a good backup your priority
should be to at least get your users back sending and receiving email. Remember, Exchange Recovery Clinic's engineers can recover your mailboxes from log files, even if there are some missing or corrupt. Also, we can recover your mailboxes from your IS database files.

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