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Exchange Server Disaster Recovery- ERB System

Backup and Rapid Restore The ERB System is unique software that provides a user interface GUI to access off-line user mailboxes in event of exchange server failure. Be it due to corruption of the exchange server information store or the complete failure of the computer hardware ERB System can give your users access to their files immediately!


ERB System Features:

  • The ERB System was developed based upon the experience of Exchange Recovery Clinic. Over the years ERC has recovered tens of thousands of Exchange databases. We took that knowledge and created a foolproof Exchange Disaster Recovery System

  • No single file or active file backup. ERB System interfaces with Exchange through Outlook. It is not backing up an active database, but backing up mailboxes.

  • INSTANT ACCESS! No downtime, if the Exchange server goes down, users connect to the ERB System and have immediate access to their email, contacts, calendar, attachments, etc. with or without Exchange running.

  • Global Access. Wherever your users are in the world they can access their email with or without Exchange running.

  • No Data Loss! ERB System updates every minute.

  • Easy and Fast Restore. ERB System restores mailboxes back into the PRIV if the server can't be brought back online.

  • Full Control. Administrators can choose which mail folders are backed up, no more backing up of spam, virus or deleted items.

  • Plug and Play Install. Enterprise versions of ERB System are installed on an included small form factor server. Plug it in and it is ready to rock!

Disaster Recovery The ERB System is a unique Exchange Server disaster recovery system that creates a folder for each mailbox user off line. Within that folder will be sub folders for all used categories such as calendar, contacts, inbox etc. In those sub folders will be any other sub folders created by the user.

In the event the information stores (priv.edb, priv1.edb, pub.edb or pub1.edb) cannot be mounted (brought back online), the ERB System will create PST’s from the files that will exactly replicate the user’s outlook structure and can be merged back into the information stores (priv.edb, priv1.edb, pub.edb or pub1.edb).

For more information:
Exchange Recovery Clinic Division
Unites States -  800-275-2823
International - +1-727-643-6090

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