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Exchange Server Jet Engine Database Errors

If your database is corrupted beyond the repair capabilities of eseutil.exe, or other utilities, you will receive jet errors. Most Jet errors are not repairable. There are only a few that are:


The most common jet error message that occurs when running eseutil.exe due to data corruption is "JET_errRecordNotFound, the key was not found."99.9% of the time eseutil.exe cannot repair the database file from this error. By continuing to run eseutil the only thing you will get, is a bigger headache, lost time and lost data. When running eseutil it may look as if it has not committed changes to the store,but the utility can makes changes to the database file with out showing any verbose information,even if it says it couldn't repair it. We can recover your mailboxes from this error.(JET_errRecordNotFound,the key was not found) or any other Jet error.

"JET_errKeyDuplicate Illegal duplicate key" is another common jet error message that occurs due to database corruption.


   "JET_errReadVerifyFailure Read verification error 4294966278", this can mean several different things. 1. Your hard drive has sector errors. 2. Information was written incorrectly into the database file, which can be caused by third party software that integrates in with Exchange Server. 3. There are corrupted pages in the database file. 4. The Exchange Server Jet Engine is corrupt.

    Running recovery tools and database repair tools will only cause one thing, more data loss. Exchange Recovery Clinic has developed state of the art techniques to repair and recover information in the store from these kinds of errors.

Please call or email us with any questions or concerns. The engineers at Exchange Recovery Clinic can have your Exchange Server Organization back up and running with minimal down time and little to no data loss.  

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